Man bashes vehicle with hammer after driver tries to leave crash

Man bashes vehicle with hammer after driver tries to leave crash

An arrest report said he may have been high on narcotics.

According to NBC, the incident transpired on Sunday afternoon, on Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 36th Street City of Miami. He then starts bashing in the windows of the auto, starting at the driver's side and working his way around the entire vehicle.

Pedestrians told WSVN that the driver of a silver Infiniti SUV tried to leave the scene of the crash when several people stepped in to try to prevent him from driving away. The cause of the crash is now unknown.

The driver leaves the scene and is then blocked by a black SUV around the corner from the crash.

The men were intent on detaining the driver because he is accused of causing this wreck, involving several vehicles. And, lo and behold, one man just jumps out of his white van with a sledgehammer and starts going to town on the vehicle.

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It was at that point that people gathered around again, with some trying to pry open the auto doors, with one man screaming "Don't move", while others snapped pictures of the Infiniti's license plate. In the video, one man screams, "Don't move".

Miami Police said officers pursued Lagutenko on Federal Highway, near 48th Street. They say there were no injuries to any of the drivers involved.

Police added they do not encourage witnesses to try and stop someone from leaving the scene, rather get a good description of the vehicle and contact authorities. The picture shows an image of a damaged vehicle.

"That is insane. You have a crash, you stop", witness Anthony Jimenez told WPLG-TV.

"I'll call the cops and I'll try to chase him down, but to pull out a hammer..."