Mario navigates trips in latest Google Map update

Mario navigates trips in latest Google Map update

There is also another easter egg in Google Maps - if you press the '?' button a 100 times, a chime similar to the 1UP mushroom will play like in the classic Mario games.

Starting today, Google Maps users can unlock the feature by clicking the question mark box at the bottom right corner of the Directions screen.

Google has likewise urged clients to share screen captures of Mario in their Map via web-based networking media, so pay special mind to #MarioMaps in the event that you need to see the unavoidable screen captures of Mario going rough terrain when Maps fouls up, and ensure that you don't post individual points of interest on informal organizations.

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This is not the first time, Google Maps has incorporated video games in its interface. Google warns people to protect their privacy by not sharing personal details like a home or work address on social media. As a leader in mobile mapping technology, Google has an opportunity to offer unique marketing opportunities for brands that take advantage of a popular activity with engagements tailored for smartphones and the growth in local mobile advertising. This feature will be available to the users of Google Maps for one week, which started on March 10. Users are now digging into the new mode trying to see if they can spot any additional Easter Eggs.

A partnership between Google and Nintendo has brought loved gaming character Mario to Google Maps, to help you find your way all this week and celebrate Super Mario Day. The mapping app last week released a feature allowing businesses to promote themselves on the platform as being owned, founded or led by women, per Curbed.

According to Google, the feature will be enabled all week.