Microsoft's SwiftKey 7.0 Gets new Toolbar with GIFs and Stickers

Microsoft's SwiftKey 7.0 Gets new Toolbar with GIFs and Stickers

Last month we checked out the latest SwiftKey beta release, updating the keyboard software with not only a new toolbar-based interface that makes spicing up text with your favorite emoji and GIFs easier than before, but also introduces a new customizable Stickers system. Additionally, it also brings GIFs powered by GIPHY along with new location and calendar sharing features.

SwiftKey now supports 40 languages on the app. This is the first major update for the app after it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Do you love the new look, or prefer the old Hub design? Give that + a tap and the Toolbar pops up into full display, giving users quick access to their clipboard, settings, themes, and no shortage of illustrations with which to spice up their messages. Toolbar can be found under the new '+' sign on the left of the prediction bar.

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As for the new stickers, they sound like a hybrid between Apple's iMessage stickers and Bitmoji. You can send these stickers as they are, or edit them to get the flawless look.

Going forward, the service will offer a number of sticker packs, including some that can be edited and some that are exclusive to Microsoft, too. Some Stickers you can augment with custom text overlays, and favorites can be saved to the Collections section of the Toolbar, for quick access later. Right now, what you can find there are stickers and collections, that is, a library of stickers, images and other media you like to torture your friends with. "We'll soon bring support for Calendar sharing as well as Location sharing in India and the United States, continuing our commitment to bring the best possible typing experience to our users in India". Other features are GIFs and you can pick from 1,000s of GIFs within SwiftKey and search will help you in finding the ideal emoji or GIF in a flash. On a related note, it is pretty evident that Microsoft wants to up its game and compete against the Google Gboard app across both iOS and Android.