Minimum wage increased for NY airport workers

Minimum wage increased for NY airport workers

Factory officials said township labour department officials could not give them the exact date when the new minimum wage would come into force.

Several bills created to improve workers' lives - including one that would raise the state's minimum wage from $10.10 to $15 an hour by 2021 and index it to keep pace with inflation - have been approved by the Connecticut Labor and Public Employees Committee. Following the vote, a 60-day public comment period will begin in early April and run through early June to determine if any modifications to the draft proposal are warranted.

Parliament is now considering submissions from the public on implementing a national minimum wage, as it chases a 1 May deadline to enact the new law.

"We are asking for implementation of the minimum wage of K4800 since it was announced already and only needs to be approved by the government", Ma Sandar Myint, the leader of the protest, told The Myanmar Times. The Port Authority in 2014 approved a minimum wage higher than either state's at the time - $10.10 beginning February 1, 2015 - but efforts to increase that further stalled due to opposition from former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Coleman said the institute recommends that deductions be allowed for food and accommodation for farm and domestic workers regulated in sectoral determination.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy showed up at the board meeting to urge action. The PA's proposed $19 wage would top them all.

The minimum wage increases would begin this year for Newark workers, who now can be paid as little as $10.45 but will see that threshold rise to $12.45 on September 1. Workers for contractors at Newark Airport now earn $10.10 an hour while their counterparts at LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports make $13 an hour.

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"You can't assume this will drive up the cost of an airline ticket", O'Toole said. Most work in post-screening areas of the airport and about a third are represented by 32BJ SEIU. "So I'm grateful", Carrol Court, who's been a security officer at JFK for 22 years, said. With several new board members, a new chairman and new executive director, the Port Authority finally moved the measures forward on Thursday. Cotton said a study at San Francisco's airport found that higher wages led to better worker performance and less turnover. "I think it will inspire workers everywhere to be persistent, be united, because they can win".

"This Board has heard the voices of airport employees who've shared their stories with us over the years", he said. "We know that higher wages won't only make a difference to them personally, but will have a significant impact in workplace morale and productivity that will directly enhance the experience of the traveling public visiting our airports". The union called it a "historic victory".

But Democrats and independents pointed out that employment numbers and wages are both up in ME since the referendum, facts that they say undercut the gloom-and-doom predictions of wage hike opponents.

The union had pressed not only the PA commissioners, it also lobbied lawmakers in both states seeking an $18 per hour minimum. More than two dozen New Jersey Democrats sponsored legislation, S3326/A4870, that would have boosted wages for workers at Newark Airport, as well as Newark Penn Station and Hoboken Terminal.

On Thursday, the House voted 81-69 largely along party lines against the bill after lengthy debate.

"The men and women employed at Newark Airport and other Port Authority facilities in New Jersey should not have to work for poverty wages", said Sen. "Employees at Port Authority-operated airports in NY already got a raise as a result of the increase in the minimum wage in NY. But instead of ensuring all employees would be paid based on the work they did, the Port Authority only raised wages for those working in NY, where the law required it". "It means a lot to me", Cort said. "And that they continue to be paid fair wages comparable to the cost of living in this state".