New report claims Apple will dump the iPhone X notch in 2019

New report claims Apple will dump the iPhone X notch in 2019

In order to kill the notch, Apple would have to find somewhere else to place a wide variety of cameras and sensors, all of which now reside in that space on the iPhone X. The report also claims that Apple will keep using Face ID in its 2019 models, which means that all the necessary sensors will need to be on the front of the phone. "It states that Apple is planning to ditch the most controversial "notch" of its recent iPhone X for the upcoming iPhones in 2019 (the same company which pushed the consumers to "embrace the notch") It also says that Apple is planning to completely redesign the display by removing the 'notch" (which is also being implemented by other Android manufacturers like Asus and Oppo as well). This move could be Apple's way of once again differentiating itself from the competition.

The notch on the iPhone X is a design feature that has garnered a lot of attention. More images and specs were shown off the other day and now we're seeing new teasers of the new OPPO phones with the screen cutouts.

The dust around iPhone X has long settled, and longtime Apple watchers have been picking up clues as to why the newest iPhone did not meet the anticipated hype. It was 18:9 display last 2017 but this 2018, we're expecting to see more smartphones with the notch. However, due to the relatively high prices of iPhone 8 and iPhone X compared to their predecessors, Apple recorded a 13 percent increase in its revenue.

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So, if Apple is going to get rid of the notch and have a display that actually stretches edge-to-edge, how is going to include all of that front-facing equipment that's now on the iPhone X?

Apple is planning on releasing three new iPhone models later this year, which include the largest iPhone model ever, with a screen of around 6.5 inches; a cheaper alternative, which includes some iPhone X features; and a straight upgrade to the iPhone X, Bloomberg reports.