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NT, Qld prepare to be hit by a second cyclone

NT, Qld prepare to be hit by a second cyclone

"While cyclones in the Gulf can be more unpredictable, the forecast is firming up for Cyclone Nora to approach the south-eastern Gulf coast, before turning back towards the Northern Territory border", he said.

Authorities now believe Severe Tropical Cyclone Nora will cross the Queensland coast some time shortly after midday (AEST) on Sunday afternoon as a category three system.

"Category 4 system means that we are expecting gusts in excess of 125 km per hour, so they are very destructive and they are hurricane force winds".

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk urged all families in the areas affected to take it seriously.

It's forecast to cross the coast around Kowanyama, south of Weipa, and will also impact Pormpuraaw, before tracking south.

Ms Palaszczuk said schools could be closed next week, depending on developments during the weekend. "You can generally successfully shelter from winds, but it's very hard to shelter from a storm surge".

If it reaches category three, wind speeds will escalate to 165-224km/h, strong enough to cause roof and structural damage if it crosses the coast in a populated area.

An initital flood watch was in place for coastal catchments between Townsville and Cape Tribulation and for the Gulf rivers and Cape York Peninsula.

Cyclone Debbie the aftermath Wednesday March 29
Cyclone Debbie the aftermath Wednesday March 29. Peter Carruthers

"Once you are in your homes this evening, you should not leave your homes", she said.

"The winds are going to pick up in those communities and we want you to remain safe".

Mayors are working with the state government on plans to supply areas that will be hit by Nora and could be cut off for days after.

On Saturday morning Nora was about 275km northwest of Weipa, and was moving southwest at 20km/h.

Tropical Cyclone Nora is expected to run parallel to the coast for several days before making landfall, senior Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Diana Eadie said.

"A category four is a big system".

"For the people at Pompuraaw, Kowanyama and the extended western peninsula all the way down through the Gilbert River nearly into Karumba, here's the message: lock down tonight safe and secure, take your supplies with you and stay there until it is safe to come out", he said.

Extra police officers were rushing to remote Cape York communities on Friday while cyclone preparations are already in full swing.

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