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Ohio Doctors Can Now Apply For Medical Marijuana Certification

Ohio Doctors Can Now Apply For Medical Marijuana Certification

Further, any physician who meets the requirements of the medical marijuana program will be able to prescribe marijuana without appearing on a public registry.

Recreational marijuana isn't legal in Florida, despite a widely shared online report that the Legislature had passed a measure legalizing use.

Phil Murphy expanded patient access to medical marijuana on Tuesday.

The amendment failed on a 54-69 vote.

"They are anxiety, chronic pain related to musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain of visceral origin, migraines, and Tourette's syndrome".

Smoking marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes, remains prohibited. Some other immediate changes include lifting the one-caregiver limit per patient and allowing Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) to apply to open satellite locations, a change that will allow for short-term increase of supply. He said that past year he petitioned the state Health Department to add chronic pain and anxiety to the list and provided research showing it had helped people suffering from these ailments.

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Advocates applauded the Department of Health and Governor Murphy for the quick action.

The company says if all goes as planned with state and city regulations, they are hoping to develop a space anywhere from 1200 to 5300 square feet.

When asked what he would do to help make marijuana more affordable, since its cost now averages about $400 a month, the governor said he would recommend that for-profit dispensaries be allowed to open in the state.

The Drug Policy Alliance led the campaign to pass the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act and has continued to work to see the program effectively implemented. "It made a tremendous difference when he was on it", said Mike Honig, 35, of Howell.

Eilenberg said it could also apply to businesses that operated in the murky days when medical marijuana was loosely regulated. Early studies have shown promising results for treating opiod addiction with cannabis - an option scorned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other old-school drug warriors in influential positions.

Healthwise Foundation is seeking only to grow and process recreational cannabis products at its current facility, as it does not now operate a dispensary.