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Pilot survives deadly East River crash

Pilot survives deadly East River crash

New York Police said three people were hospitalised.

A tugboat heading back to its base on Staten Island was the first to respond to Sunday night's harrowing helicopter crash in the East River that left five passengers dead, according to a report by the New York Times. Vance was the sole survivor.

The passengers were on a Liberty Helicopters chopper that had been chartered for a private photo shoot, authorities said.

Jason McDaniel confirmed the very bad accident had killed his 26-year-old brother. The pilot, 33-year-old Richard Vance, called out over the radio that the helicopter was experiencing engine failure just before it went down into the river.

Witnesses to Sunday's crash said the helicopter was flying noisily, then suddenly dropped and quickly submerged.

Emergency divers had to get the passengers out of tight safety harnesses while they were upside down, fire department Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. "People had to be cut out". All five passengers on board died, while the pilot, managing to free himself as the chopper sank, survived.

An Instagram story posted by Cadigan appeared to show him smiling as the helicopter took off from Kearny, New Jersey.

The company paid $23,576 in fines in 2010 and 2011 for violating maintenance, record-keeping and flight operations rules, according to the FAA.

"The pilot knew what to do because he wears that harness everyday", said ABC News aviation expert Steve Ganyard.

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Argentina's NY consulate said Carla Vallejos Blanco was one of the victims.

Carla Vallejos Blanco was tourist visiting from Argentina, according to the country's consulate. She says anyone who ever met Hill is better for it. His father, Jerry, is the station's production manager.

"The entire WFAA family is heartbroken by the sudden and tragic loss of Trevor Cadigan. He loved his family and friends and this city". He had recently worked as an intern at Business Insider in New York City. "In a typical year, professional helicopter tour operators in the US fly some 100,000 tour hours, of which about 85,000 hours are flown by TOPS members", the organization says.

NTSB Go Team, led by Board Member Bella Dinh-Zarr, are enroute to NYC for investigation of March 11, 2018, helicopter crash in East River.

Two years earlier, another of its helicopters crashed in the Hudson River, though all of the people aboard survived. The 2009 crash was the only incident with fatalities.

The skies over NY constantly buzz with helicopters carrying tourists, businesspeople, traffic reporters, medical teams and others.

The doors to the Eurocopter AS350 were open so passengers could snap photos. The pilot was able to escape moments after the crash.

Nigro said when the divers reached the helicopter it was inverted and in 50 feet of water with below 40-degree Fahrenheit water temperatures and four-mile-an hour currents. Its rotors then whipped the water and it flipped over, leaving its skis in the air.

Liberty Helicopter and FlyNYON did not respond to requests for comment on Monday morning. The agency said it was investigating. The flights cater to tourists and to amateur and professional photographers, like Adams, who want to take aerial pictures of the city. He said he thought something was odd when he saw the helicopter flying low before it crashed into the East River, so he started shooting video. "It was a landing in the water, and I didn't see the floats inside".