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Police alerted Arizona child protection officials about mother accused of murder

Police alerted Arizona child protection officials about mother accused of murder

Autopsies will be conducted on the children, whose names were not released, to determine their causes of death, the sheriff's office said.

Two children were found dead, strapped to their auto seats in Superior, Arizona according to a Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Their mother, 20-year-old Brittany Velasquez, was charged with two counts of murder.

Velasquez was arrested after evidence at the scene suggested foul play.

This undated photo provided by the Pinal County Sheriff's office shows Brittany Velasquez.

Superior is town of about 2,900 people 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Phoenix.

Those who knew her say Velasquez had struggled with drugs for a long time.

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DCS confirmed that it had two prior reports of neglect involving Velasquez and her children: In January and in October 2016. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, whose office is helping the small town police department with the investigation, said he was unaware of any stab or gunshot wounds to the children.

The agency said they never took custody of the children and never placed them in the custody of their grandparents.

She said Tuesday there was no immediate information available on the circumstances of their deaths or if anyone had been arrested or detained.

Authorities have not disclosed a motive or said how the children died.

However, there seemed to be a history of abuse as Ensley mentioned about the Department of Child Safety being involved with the family in early January after reports were filed concerning the well being of the two children.

Both children were found strapped in their vehicle seats when officials arrived. Authorities said the vehicle the children had been in was towed away earlier.