Preview For Tonight's Episode Of WWE SmackDown Live

Preview For Tonight's Episode Of WWE SmackDown Live

The event takes place at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, and you can check out an in-depth look at the match card and our predictions here. They were highly entertaining and memorable. Thankfully, Fastlane 2018 was better than I expected as a decent effort was made from most of the matches.

You know you have a match fans want to see when all you have to do is put the two competitors in the same ring together. However, at the end of all of it, it was AJ Styles hitting Owens with the phenomenal forearm for the win.

"So Undertaker, at WrestleMania this year I'm either going as a fan or I'm going as your opponent which will be history". I said there would have to be a big distraction, and it turned out to be Shane McMahon instead of Undertaker.

Asuka comes out and challenges Charlotte for the title at Wrestlemania.

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Royal Rumble victor Nakamura beat Rusev earlier in the night with a pair of Kinshasa knee strikes and the duo of Carmella and Natalya put away Lynch and Naomi when Carmella hit the Lass Kicker with a superkick for the three-count. Shane was seen hanging backstage with his father when Roman Reigns went to confront Vince. NXT will continue to build its Pay-Per-View for the day before, NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. Every match on the WrestleMania card should have meaning and something suggests this battle royal will be absolutely meaningless (other than being the first woman to win it). It was AJ Styles who defended his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship in the Six-Pack Challenge against John Cena, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Kevin Owens. Both Cena and Styles face-off in the ring amidst huge pop from the crowd. Nakamura after watching for a bit decided he would jump in and help Styles out. Owens and Zayn finally made it personal again with an attack that should be a great highlight on the WrestleMania package for the inevitable tag team match that will come out of this angle. However, the match is interrupted by "The Bludgeon Brothers (Eric Rowan and Luke Harper)' and it results in a 'No Contest".

- How have The Bludgeon Brothers changed the SmackDown Tag Team division? Admitting that he took things a little too far, he said that he felt the need to create a rift between the "Yep Movement" based on the actions of both the wrestlers in the past months.

In the women's division, Money In The Bank victor Carmella took on Naomi. Or at the very least we were going to get tricked into thinking she was going to blow it. I could be alone in this, but Carmella is one of my favorites on SmackDown Live. This opens the door for Nia Jax to do her best Batista impersonation and face Alexa Bliss. Leading to a rematch against Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. Especially since he beat Randy Orton last week. So it's highly likely that we may see The Undertaker's response on Tuesday night itself.