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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Absolutely Crushes Stephen Colbert During a Workout Session

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Absolutely Crushes Stephen Colbert During a Workout Session

But one thing you may not have not known about Bader Ginsburg is that she has an global scrunchie collection.

The typically ruffled type of hair tie has found itself a fan with the 85-year-old Ginsburg. But now, at long last, an intrepid figure has actually been granted access to R.B.G. during workout hours, giving the people a closer look at her grueling sessions.

Wearing a breast cancer fundraiser shirt that read "Super Diva" (Colbert wore a Mormon-esque short trousers and tie ensemble), the 85 year-old Ginsburg planked and lifted alongside Colbert and her trainer, Bryant Johnson.

Ginsburg originally started working out with Johnson twice a week to rebuild her strength after being treated for colorectal cancer, but has kept up the practice for almost 20 years.

Colbert jokes that they also both love words-and are implicated in Tupac's murder. She especially wasn't having Colbert's music choice for the workout. The strength training was a combination of using free weights, machines and body weight.

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"Which is surprising because if I had a lifetime appointment to a job that let me wear a robe, I would definitely let myself go", Colbert said during Wednesday's episode of "The Late Show".

The two did pistol squats, plank variations, push-ups and many many arm workouts.

Before you know it RBG will make an Instagram and start promoting a detox tea. Check out the full video below.

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