Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ users are finding 'dead zones' in their screen

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ users are finding 'dead zones' in their screen

NEW REPORTS claim that Samsung is "likely" to adopt an in-display fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy Note 9, despite early rumours to the contrary.

The reports suggest that users are facing "touch input not responding" issue, especially on the bigger Galaxy S9+ model. As per a new report, the South Korean technology giant is expected to put the fingerprint sensor within the Galaxy Note 9 display.

The report quoted another source as saying, "There is enough time for the display company to improve the technology to meet the handset maker's expectations before the launch of the [Galaxy] Note 9 in late August". However, the company does have some time before the launch which could allow them to flawless the in display fingerprint technology to meet the industry standards.

Those of us within the smartphone community generally have a few elements of the hardware and design that are more important to us.

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It isn't something you should have to put up with, however, so if you suspect your smartphone might be affected, best contact Samsung to get a replacement/repair (a software solution may not be possible). While it could be easy to dismiss that, SamMobile notes that testing for the Galaxy S9 began earlier than normal as well, with the phone itself launching at the end of February rather than sometime in March. The entire display comes with a bill of materials cost of $79, which is the most expensive component in the device. We expect to see the technology in lots of phones this year so it would only make sense for the company to use it in one of their flagships.

While Samsung phone prices tend to drop quite quickly after launch, it would be nice to be able to buy a phone at launch without having to remortgage your house.

Meanwhile, Koh Dong-jin, CEO and head of Samsung's smartphone business, said last month at a press conference held in Barcelona, "Samsung will not rush to launch foldable or display touch phones being aware of Chinese players". And for some, factory resetting seems to solve the issue.