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San Leandro HS locks down after threatening graffitti found

San Leandro HS locks down after threatening graffitti found

The disturbing discovery comes one the heels of #NationalWalkoutDay, in which thousands of students across the country walked out of their classroom to speak out to lawmakers in support of more effective gun control laws. I'm sick of this shit. "Better not come. F*ck this place".

- A lockdown has been lifted at San Leandro High School Wednesday afternoon after a school shooting threat was written on a bathroom wall in what appeared to be permanent marker.

San Leandro police issued a community message shortly before 11:10 a.m. about the police activity at the school at 2200 Bancroft Ave.

A Santa Maria Joint Unified High School District representative said the lockdowns were prompted by an anonymous text warning that "there is a weapon on campus".

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"We searched the school floor-by-floor, looking for anything suspicious", he said.

Henderson said school security workers found the threatening graffiti on a stall in a boy's restroom.

There were rumors that a gun or guns were found on campus.

Atascadero police say the teen responsible for posting the threat has been arrested. Sheriff's officials say some students at Righetti saw the threat online and mistakenly believed it was related to their school. Students will be dismissed at their regularly scheduled time Wednesday.