Sea of Thieves Upcoming Death Cost Feature Won't Charge PvP Deaths

Sea of Thieves Upcoming Death Cost Feature Won't Charge PvP Deaths

Through a blog post, Rare announced that tomorrow there will be maintenance on servers of Sea of Thieves. Developer Rare acknowledged the various problems yesterday, adding that the studio is working hard to address them this week.

The PC and Xbox One pirate adventure will be down from 9.00am to 2.00pm GMT on March 24, meaning you won't be able to set sail at all during this time. Normally that would be annoying, but in Sea of Thieves, it not only is in the game's title, but also part of the oeuvre. "We ask that everyone bears with us whilst we work with the extremely high player numbers we are seeing", Neate said. We could not join a crew together nor could I log into a solo session during the first night.

More advanced players can try to take on the skull forts when a daunting skull cloud hangs above them, drawing ships from all around to try and take on the army of skeletons, but there's an uneasy tension whenever you see another ship, an uncertainty as to the other crew's motivations. Everyone who has played Sea of Thieves will have their own story to tell and we feel that much of the magic comes from going on your own adventure and creating your own fun with friends. However, when it takes fans who bought your product close to hours to get into your game (or if you have to literally lock them out of it because the servers were woefully unprepared), it's inexcusable.

Rare is well aware of the different issues its new Xbox One-exclusive "Sea of Thieves" has, and it is not wasting time in giving fans what they are asking for. Players should expect to see these rewards eventually come through, as they are queued up in the message service. Unless you count the Voyages and exploration.

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What Rare has crafted in Sea of Thieves is utterly breathtaking and at times we even fell off our ship while admiring the glowing sunset and crashing waves around us.

Currently, Sea of Thieves operates with two matchmaking processes, the first step will matchmake you with a crew of players and the second step will matchmake your crew against others currently sailing the seas.

For a slightly more "silly" aspect of the game that doesn't really affect the game itself - there are wheels you need to pay attention to.

For those in the United Kingdom, the Sea of Thieves maintenance will start at 9am GMT and conclude at 2pm GMT.