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Shots fired at Northwestern University in US

Shots fired at Northwestern University in US

Evanston police officers responded to calls of a gunman claiming to shoot his girlfriend at a residence off-campus after 2:15 p.m., police said at a press conference.

Evanston and Northwestern University police are on the scene.

Students were ordered to take shelter and everyone else was ordered to keep away from the area after a report of a person with a gun in Engelhart Hall, a graduate student dormitory on the Evanston campus, in suburban Chicago.

Evanston police have since called the report a hoax, The Chicago Sun Times reports.

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School spokesman Alan Cubbage said university officials had received a report of shots inside Engelhart Hall, which houses apartments for Northwestern graduate students and their families. "Seek shelter if in the area".

About 3:40 p.m., the university updated their alert to say that that anyone in Englehart Hall should continue to remain behind locked doors, but that people outside the building no longer needed to shelter in place.

Evanston police initally said they were investigating reports of shots fired near Emerson and Maple. No victims or danger to the public. "Area is secure. Police and Fire are clearing the area".

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