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Sierra Leone head for presidential polls

Sierra Leone head for presidential polls

Sierra Leone will hold a runoff vote for president later this month after the main opposition's candidate won the first round ballot but failed to secure a majority.

Samura Wilson Kamara, candidate of the ruling party, came second with 1,082, 748 votes, which is 42.7 per cent of the total vote cast. The candidate of a newcomer, the National Grand Coalition, took third place with 6.9 percent.

"Also, Victor Williams of Republic National Independent Party (RNIP) scored 2,555 votes; Jemba Ngobeh, Revolution United Front Party (RUFP), 12, 827 votes; Mohamed Sowa-Turay, United Democratic Movement, 5,695 votes".

In absence of a clear victor, Sierra Leonean voters will have to return to the polls to decide which of the two leading candidates in last week " s elections will be their next president.

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"Polling in the second election (rerun) between the two candidates will be concluded nationwide on Tuesday March 27, " Conteh said.

Conteh explained that after deliberation with political parties requesting for re-counts, the commission ordered recounts in 154 polling stations, adding that the recounted results were included in the final result.

The AUEOM mission, he said, coverage polls counting in 88.9% (16) of the polling stations in urban areas and 11.1%(2) in rural areas, while observers reported queues outside polling stations prior to opening, and in some instances noted that voters were not properly directed to the appropriate polling stations.

Some 221 polling stations were nullified after voter turnout there exceeded 100 percent, suggesting ballot stuffing.