Speculation On Shane McMahon - WrestleMania Plans, Petition Created Demanding Moolah Match Change

Speculation On Shane McMahon - WrestleMania Plans, Petition Created Demanding Moolah Match Change

Earlier on the show, Shane McMahon addressed the WWE Universe and announced that he would be taking a temporary leave of absence due to his recent actions, as reported by Wrestling Inc. The latest report had indicated that Zayn and Owens would be relegated to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, a meaningless match typically reserved for midcard and lower card workers who are without a substantial feud during WrestleMania season.

- As seen above, Rusev and Lana are already asking fans for Second Chance votes following their Mixed Match Challenge loss to Bobby Roode and SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair last night. This enraged the duo, who chose to interfere with the proceedings and show their anger in the most expected way.

Alvarez suggested the match could be changed to a triple-threat match that would see Owens vs. Zayn vs. Shane with Bryan as the special guest referee. The duo wrapped a chair around Shane's head and threw him into the turnbuckle, resulting in a laryngeal contusion, as revealed in the update by WWE.

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The update by WWE added that Shane McMahon would be examined further to ensure that there are no major injuries.

Did you like McMahon's time as Commissioner? He has become increasingly involved in the storylines of late, with tensions with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and general manager Daniel Bryan being part of almost every program. There really had not been any storyline advancement for this rivalry over the last couple of months as it seemed to be just a case of WWE consistently doing a 360 with Owens, Zayn, Bryan and Shane and ending up right back where it started.

Zayn and Owens have had countless epic matches in the past, and could easily put on one of the best matches of the entire year at WrestleMania.