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Students plan abortion protest after debate on walkout

Students plan abortion protest after debate on walkout

"The group behind the Walk Out will organize voter registration drives at Watertown High School, and he encouraged students to stay involved through events such as the March to End Gun Violence rally in Boston and on Saturday, March 24", wrote Breitrose. "But now we have a voice through them that could possibly bring awareness to the other ways gun violence affects our neighborhoods and other versions of gun violence, like police brutality".

There was a concern that some students would walk out to the parking lot; the staff and students wanted all the students inside for safety reasons.

Senior Molly McGreevey said introducing more guns won't solve the problem.

The walkout, similar to the recent walkouts over gun control in honor of the Parkland shooting victims in Florida, and will last 17 minutes. "Most people realize we're doing this for a good reason - saving kids' lives". The news cycle was abuzz with media hype about the event, connecting it with ongoing debates in American politics about gun control, mass shootings, mental health and attitudes toward violence.

Chants gave way to song, and we adults, there to ensure their safety, all had chills listening to their voices harmonize "Olam Chesed Yibaneh 〞 I will build this world from love".

"People always say words don't hurt", one girl said, "but they do".

Before the address, students read off the names of the 17 people killed in Parkland and said something about them, such as that individual's favorite school activity. "I got up just to do this".

But not every student is on board for the alternative walkout.

"Someone said it was the students' own fault because the shooters may have felt bullied", she said.

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Before and after the walkout, there was a controversy surrounding our actions.

"Personally I think hate has taken over our politics, our military, our way of living", she said.

The principal at Rocklin High declined to meet with us for an on-camera interview, but a district spokeswoman tells us, he does plan to sit down with the student about the possible abortion walkout, and that's not going over well with some of his peers.

Over 3,136 schools have participated in walkouts across the country, according to data collected by the EMPOWER movement.

I got a text on Valentine's Day that just said "there was a school shooting, it's worse than Columbine".

The Galion City School District conducted drug dog searches at the Galion High School and Galion Middle School March 22.

Students are on the backside of this walkout as they head back to class right now. Forman said that he chose to walk out because he thought that it would have a bigger impact than attending the school assembly.

If someone is going to shoot up a school, one person walking up to them is not going to change that from happening.

The massive student-led dissent took aim at the policies of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and local, state and federal politicians who have failed to make schools safe for students and teachers through continuing lax gun-control legislation.