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Students speak out at 'March for Our Lives'

Students speak out at 'March for Our Lives'

The man he references, St. Mary's County Sheriff's Deputy Blaine Gaskill, is the 34-year-old SWAT-trained officer who engaged a teenager who opened fire at Great Mills High School in southern Maryland. "It's a vile thing that these children are being referred to as the 'mass shooting generation, '" Garriel said, "But we're here to support their activism for smart gun safety legislation".

"Everyone who has been touched by the cold grip of gun violence understands", Gonzalez told the hushed crowed, describing the long hours spent waiting for authorities to identify their slain classmates, the horror of discovering many of them had breathed their last breaths before many students even knew a "code red" alert - created to warn staffers and students of a potential threat - had been called. "For far too long, these names ... have been just numbers", she said. The rally, scheduled to run from noon to 3pm, is expected to draw tens of thousands of people who will march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.

Samantha Fuentes was in the middle of her speech when her nerves overcame her and she stopped to throw up.

"Well, what's in it for us is knowing we're doing our part to keep our children alive".

Brown, who is dad to two sons, ages 17 and 21, continued:"Anytime someone gets shot, whether it's an unarmed African American male, or whether it's a school shooting, my sons immediately come to my mind". In a clip that ironically aired on Fox News, the Parkland student called out Fox News and others in the media.

"Everyone can recognize themselves in these kids, and that is really crossing boundaries", Levinson said. We will continue to fight for common sense. The protests caught nationwide attention and delayed a Sacramento Kings basketball game on Thursday. Donald Trump Jr. liked a tweet saying one of the most vocal students had been coached by his FBI-agent father to peddle "anti-Trump rhetoric and anti-gun legislation".

During the marches, students honored those who died from gun violence and warned lawmakers that if they don't take action on gun violence they will be voted out of office.

Elsewhere, the March for Our Lives event were held in other places across the USA such as New York, Seattle and Colorado to name a few.

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After helping to organize the walkout at their school earlier this month, Perles and her friend Ryan Dowling, 17, of Northport, said they had to do more.

Bob Bland, a co-president for the organization, said they quickly realized this could be a "golden opportunity".

"We march in declaration that enough is enough", Casale said.

'I would tell them to focus their energy on something that's achievable that we could accomplish right now.

They decided against exclusively focusing on issues like reproductive rights and targeted immigration, climate change and racial inequality.

There were issues, though, as some women differed on where they wanted the movement to go and instead wanted to focus on women winning elections. Frank agreed. "There's no need for civilian people to have AR-15s". "And theres a lot of people that we are able to touch, who arent watching activists and arent watching the news, that are watching what celebrities say", he explained.

"They should continue to play at their strengths and not try to be like the others before them", Bland said.