True Story: $10000 Voucher From United Airlines

True Story: $10000 Voucher From United Airlines

A United Airlines passenger bumped from a flight on walking away with a travel voucher isn't terribly surprising - except that hers was worth $10,000.

Allison Preiss, a D.C. area managing director of communications, tweeted about the lucrative deboarding experience on Thursday from the Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

Eventually, United offered Preiss a $10,000 travel credit, which she accepted.

Finally, the gate agent announced that it would be the lowest-fare passenger who had to get bumped involuntarily; that person, it turned out, was Preiss. For a flight that THEY oversold. But before she signed the check, the agent clued her in to more data: "The agent said, 'You know, I'm authorized to give you more than a $2,000 voucher", Preiss explained. She tweeted a play-by-play, even providing a picture of the $10,000 travel credit voucher provided by the airline for bumping her. United drew the line, however, at letting Preiss into one of its airport lounges, she said.

"On the upside, I wasn't physically dragged off the plane and my dog wasn't killed on board, so I've got that going for me", she tweeted. "Sketchy af", she wrote on Twitter.

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But then the United agent offered her a travel voucher for a larger amount.

People stand in line at a United Airlines counter at LaGuardia Airport in NY. Preiss tried to get cash out of United, but they would not budge.

Of course, it was also to be competitive: Delta Airlines quickly capitalized on its rival's PR nightmare, raising its policy to include remissions of up to $9,950 shortly after the video went viral.

United confirmed to USA Today in an email that Preiss was offered the $10,000 voucher. "I am going to go INSANE at Pizza Hut". Preiss said she might use it to fly first class to Hawaii or Europe.