Twitter purges host of accounts known for stealing tweets

Twitter purges host of accounts known for stealing tweets

Twitter continues its fight against spam and "tweetdecking" on its platform. In a further push to stop tweetdeckers, Twitter has reportedly banned a number of accounts that have been known for mass-retweeting or copying and spreading each others tweets.

Twitter, after updating its automated tweeting rules in February, has taken a stance on forced memes, automated mass tweeting and accounts that "inflate the prominence of certain tweets".

Apparently, stealing other people's jokes without giving their creators proper credit is just one of the offenses of some of these accounts. According to a recent BuzzFeed report, they used their reach to make money by selling retweets, enabling them to artificially make posts go viral.

As it customary, Twitter is not willing to comment on individual cases, but it is thought that the company was unhappy with repeated violations of its policies against spam.

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This is seemingly no longer appropriate, account to Twitter's terms of service. But it is likely that these accounts infringed the website's spam policy.

Tweetdecking is the process of regular users paying high profile accounts that are part of a group of prominent Twitter users to all retweet a tweet, artificially boosting its popularity by sending it out to a broad audience. More than 50,000 Twitter accounts were allegedly linked to the Russian government and may have been used to influence the 2016 USA presidential elections.

Following Twitters new rules laid down last month, it looks like the company is indeed getting a lot more serious to limit tweetdeckers. The company is also now making greater effort to crack down on the use of bots on its site.