Two From Southwest Oklahoma Shine on 'American Idol' Premiere

Two From Southwest Oklahoma Shine on 'American Idol' Premiere

"American Idol" is back and its star power just went up a notch with Katy Perry leading the judges table. During his pre-performance interview, the Oklahoma native admitted he had never kissed a girl because he'd never been in a relationship. According to multiple trade reports, ABC's Idol, starring Katy Perry, Luke Bryanand Lionel Richie, dipped 22 percent from its Sunday premiere to Monday.

And Monday, she was finally standing before Perry at her NY audition, as the pop superstar joked about Mara's age. Despite Perry's fumble, that didn't affect the young waitress' chances whatsoever who received her golden ticket to Hollywood. "Would the kiss have been appropriate if it was gender reversed?" wrote one viewer. Trevor sang Brett Young's "In Case You Didn't Know", changing the lyrics to "In case you didn't know/Katy, I'm insane 'bout you". It was clear William was battling a case of nervous, but the judges had no complaints and decided on a unanimous "yes" to send him to Hollywood. Her energy level was through the roof, and Katy thought she was "cute" while Lionel called her "fearless". Although Trevor broke Katy's heart by being in a relationship with someone else, the three judges determined he must go to Hollywood.

Perry's onscreen ensembles can only get better from here as we patiently wait for "American Idol" live shows. And Katy also immediately attracted to the artist, too.

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"Are you engaged?" she asked the 27-year-old, who said that he has a girlfriend.

Lionel said it was really good but there were things she needed to tone down. But that didn't stop 7-year-old Dyxie Spring. "Not only did Luke think Garrett, standing 6'4" was attractive to look at, but he also noted his performance was "raw" and "badass". Just look at him!

David Francisco, 25, Nashville, Tennessee: He moved to Music City to pursue his dreams, but was hit by a auto and paralyzed from the waist down. They complied, but Katy slipped and fell.