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We're Happy To Announce Queer Eye Fan Favorites Tom & Abby Are ENGAGED!

We're Happy To Announce Queer Eye Fan Favorites Tom & Abby Are ENGAGED!

In his tweet, Jackson suggested the event would make a great Netflix special if "the Fab 5 planned and attended our wedding!"

In the premiere of Netflix's hit Queer Eye reboot, viewers were introduced to loveable redneck Tom Jackson, whose goal at the end of his Fab Five makeover was to get back with his ex-wife Abby.

"Everyone is welcome to come to our wedding". Once we get news that the Trump-supporting cop has renounced his Trump-supporting ways, we'll finally have proof that the Fab 5 really does make dreams come true. He also said his grandson Chandler would serve as ring bearer and that all his Twitter followers were invited.

Newly-engaged Tom starred in the first episode of the series, and the Fab Five gave him a whole new wardrobe, and helped him to boost his confidence. "I'd love for Bobby [Berk to] be [the] best man, and the other 4 be my grooms men", Tom tweeted. It's just working overtime to make sure these insane kids get together and finally stay together.

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Taking to his own Twitter account, the star of the first episode of the show announced that he is now engaged to his ex-wife, Abby. We just love a happy ending!

Well, you know what to do Netflix! Basically, we assumed that Tom and Abby would be walking off, hand-in-hand, into the sunset to forever live happily ever after. They went to a vehicle show and planned to have dinner together the next week.

"I'm crying with happiness", declared another super happy fan. "I will always love her more than anything!"