WhatsApp Messages Can Now Be Deleted An Hour After Posting

WhatsApp Messages Can Now Be Deleted An Hour After Posting

From the 7-minutes or 420 seconds deadline, Whatsapp users can now delete sent messages within 4096 seconds or 68 minutes and 16 seconds.

It's not clear why the limit is now so specific, apart from being 2^12, and the WhatsApp support pages don't provide any additional info on the time limit.

Now all of us with a tendency to send messages we later regret have an even bigger safety net, because WhatsApp is rolling out the unsend window to a full hour.

WhatsApp has extended the time frame in which you can delete your sent message to one hour.

WhatsApp is silently a adding a new "Block Revoke request" feature to stop misuse of the Delete for Everyone option.

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"A new WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) is available on Apple AppStore".

Business Report earlier this month reported that there is a way to read messages on WhatsApp without the sender knowing. The post points out that this will make sure no-one can illegally delete messages older than 24 hours for everyone. However, it allowed for only a rather short seven minutes, for your (possibly drunk) brain to decide to erase errant messages from your own and the recipient's / group's device.

WhatsApp has made a decision to stick to 24 hours as the reference time period here to ensure that there is ample time for the recipient or recipients in case of a group chat, to receive the revoke request.

What happens at the moment with the messaging app is that if a "Delete for everyone" request feature was sent out, then WhatsApp would just match the request ID to the message ID and then delete if a match was found. Messages that have a time more than the 24 hours are no more deleted.