Wife Jaya Bachchan anxious over Big B's pain, due to heavy costumes

Wife Jaya Bachchan anxious over Big B's pain, due to heavy costumes

With declared assets worth INR 10,000 million, Jaya's estimated wealth exceeds that of upper house MP Ravindra Kishore Sinha who declared assets worth INR 8,000 million in 2014. This is is Jaya's third term as a Samajwadi Party MP from the state of Uttar Pradesh. It has been reported that the Bachchans also own 12 vehicles between them, worth over INR130 million.

Further, it was stated that she and her husband owned jewellery worth Rs 62 crore.

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan who fell ill while shooting for Vijay Krishna Acharya's 19th century costume drama Thugs of Hindostan in Jodhpur, took to Twitter Wednesday early morning to tweet about his health condition. She got a second term from June 2006 and was re-elected in 2012 for the third term. Amitabh also owns a Tata Nano and a tractor.

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Speaking about fashion and self they have watches of around 3.4 crore and 51lakhs individually.

While the list includes more real estate than most people can ever dream of owning, the one thing that grabs your attention is a 34,175 square foot residential property in France's northwestern coastal region of Brignogan-Plages. Similarly, in Lucknow's Kokari area Jaya BAchchan has an agricultural plot of 1.22 hectare of the value 2.2 crores. Till now there are 14 candidates standing for the Rajya Sabha polls from UP. On the other hand, Hema Malini likes meeting people in Mathura, she won her election from there, but Jaya Bachchan can never dream of winning a Lok Sabha election.