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Will you Know if Your FB Account is Hacked by Typing'BFF'

Will you Know if Your FB Account is Hacked by Typing'BFF'

On Friday, it was revealed that data analytics company Cambridge Analytica collected information about 50 million Facebook users through a Facebook survey, and used that information to try and influence voters in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Sonos, which makes smart speakers, said it was pulling its advertising off Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google and Twitter, for one week. The deactivation option can be found in the Settings menu under Manage Account Edit. After that, the information will be permanently deleted.

Amid the data breach by Facebook, many users are turning away from using the social media site.

It may take Facebook as long as 90 days to delete all the information that is stored in its backup systems, according to the company. "Facebook had known about this security breach for two years, but did little or nothing to protect its users", says Price's complaint. "Taking a step back and saying what is Facebook actually taking from us in terms of data and also what kind of information can we safely share anymore?"

The revelation has knocked almost $50 billion (roughly Rs. 3.25 lakh crores) off Facebook's stock market value in two days and hit the shares of Twitter and Snap over fears that a failure by big tech firms to protect personal data could deter advertisers and users and invite tougher regulation. Included in that email are instructions informing users how to access their download.

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Johnson called it a necessary safeguard and protection for average everyday consumers who have no idea that their personal information is being co-opted and shared for ulterior motives of outside organizations. But Ad Age reported that the company has more recently pitched its psychographic ad targeting services to other brands, including the US Army. The companies gain location information and can glean information based on a user's status updates.

Congress wants to know how Facebook became a tool, deployed on behalf of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The data intelligence firm says it can "find your voters and move them to action" through data-driven campaigns and a team including data scientists and behavioural psychologists. There should be clear laws on ownership of data.

Cambridge Analytica is facing a government searches, questions from USA authorities and demand from Facebook that the company submit to a forensic audit.

"In comments to the press, you stated that the person with the most knowledge at Facebook about what Congress is trying to learn is the appropriate witness for a congressional hearing", the letter stated.