Xbox One Will Activate Your TV's Game Mode Automatically

Xbox One Will Activate Your TV's Game Mode Automatically

Microsoft has said they're planning to add support for AMD's FreeSync displays for its Xbox One X and Xbox One S, and will drop to the console soon.

Microsoft says Freesync support should debut sometime in the spring, while the auto low latency feature won't arrive until later this year. It requires a compatible display, and presumably will arrive to all Xbox One S and Xbox One X gamers with the Spring Update that is now in the works.

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Xbox One Will Activate Your TV's Game Mode Automatically

On the TV side, many televisions these days have a low latency mode - or game mode - that turns off image processing in order to cut down on lag.

Microsoft is taking another step towards maximum compatibility for its Xbox consoles. Freesync allows for a supported TV or monitor to synchronize its refresh rate with your console. This means when playing a game, screen tearing and stuttering should be removed, provided the frame rate is within the display's FreeSync range. All we know for now is a selection of Samsung TVs that include a low latency mode will be detected by the Xbox One and automatically switch to it. Most FreeSync displays don't enable the variable-refresh technology below 48 Hz or so unless their top-end is over 120 Hz-a characteristic that lets them support AMD's Low Framerate Compensation. While I do try to keep to just PC news, I think one of the upcoming Xbox One S and Xbox One X features would be worth sharing. Users will be able to share clips and screenshots directly to Twitter, and the Xbox's built-in Edge browser is getting a functionality upgrade that will make it behave more like the desktop version. Microsoft says the update is coming "later this spring".

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