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Architects of Good Friday Agreement mark anniversary at Queen's University Belfast

Architects of Good Friday Agreement mark anniversary at Queen's University Belfast

The Good Friday Agreement was the "work of genius" and a "precious gift", former United States president Bill Clinton has said.

FORMER US President Bill Clinton will speak in Belfast later today to mark the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

The most significant problem May has yet to resolve in Brexit negotiations is the Irish border issue.

Tony Blair has said he reflects on one of his most famous and oft derided quotes, delivered ahead of the Good Friday peace deal, with a mix of pride and embarrassment.

But in the end, you have to be willing to give. "You've just got to keep working at them until you find a way through".

"In the process, remind the world that democracy is better than dictatorship".

When the agreement was signed 20 years ago, the dominant political parties in the North were the SDLP and the Ulster Unionists (UUP).

Hillary Clinton has warned Theresa May's that Brexit Brexit to "undermine" the Good Friday.

Earlier, former US Senator George Mitchell called on the political leaders in Northern Ireland to rekindle the spirit of 1998, the year Mr Mitchell chaired the talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement.

The freedom of the city will be awarded to former US President Bill Clinton and the former US envoy to Northern Ireland, George Mitchell.

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The former Senator for ME said that politicians nowadays could learn from those who created the Good Friday Agreement given how the circumstance today are far less "dangerous".

The power-sharing government in Stormont collapsed in January 2017, when the two governing parties in the province, the DUP and Sinn Fein, withdrew in a row over the status of Irish as an official language in Northern Ireland.

Today's announcement was witnessed by Protestant clergyman Rev Harold Good, who also witnessed the decommissioning of IRA weapons, and former Church of Ireland primate Alan Harper.

Prisoner releases nearly torpedoed the agreement in the final frantic hours before it was signed on April 10 1998 - Good Friday.

Political leaders and those key to the drafting of the deal will meet in Belfast later.

In August, the IRA announced "a complete cessation of military activities", to be followed 43 days later with a similar ceasefire announcement by the main loyalist paramilitaries.

She added: "If short-term interests take precedence over solving the long-term challenges that still exist in Northern Ireland, then it is clear that the hand of history will be both heavy and unforgiving".

Twenty years later, he says his role was the most important moment of his political career.

"We should be very grateful that the peace has held", Mr Clinton told a packed lecture hall.

"All life is change, each individual life changes over time and so also do the lives of societies and the challenges that the people of Northern Ireland face are not surprising, every western democracy faces some degree of political dysfunction at this time".