Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls announced for iOS

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls announced for iOS

The game features exciting fights for up to four players, real-time global co-op, 4v4 competitive mode, attractive graphics and music from previous Castlevania-games.

The future where Earl Dracula completely disappeared.

Equally mysterious is the game's release date and available regions. Selected testers will be contacted by e-mail around mid-May.

The game will also introduce new characters to the game and while there is no mention, it appears that it could be a free-to-play title with the possibility of microtransactions, which in today's mobile gaming landscape hardly comes as a surprise. It seemed like an eternal peace came upon the world.

The new game follows Genya Arikado, who fans might know from Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow. However, secret agent Genya Arikado receives a letter that informs him that Dracula will soon be resurrected. Strengthen your favorite character and take on the powerful enemies that block your path forward!

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Considering the game features real-time global co-op it would be safe to assume the game will be making it's way to other regions at some point.

-A four-versus-four competitive mode.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls's closed beta requires iOS 9 and later on the software side of things and iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, or iPad Pro and later. Yes, we're getting a new Castlevania game - but before you get too excited, it's only coming to Apple's iOS. Details are few and far between at the moment, but it seems that the game emphasizes the value of putting characters into pairs.

While he has unworldly good looks, he is unsociable and hard to approach. Although she is young, her skill as a researcher of magic is considerable, and she supports Arika through her studies.