Fortnite: 10 Players You Are Guaranteed To Meet

Fortnite: 10 Players You Are Guaranteed To Meet

Its growth is unparalleled and obviously, all the players who regularly log in are eager to learn about the game's future.

We're excited to introduce a brand new feature for Battle Royale...

Speaking in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine (via Wccftech), Epic Games' Eric Williamson, design lead for Fortnite, spoke about the possibility of expanding the game to more than 100 players in each match.

I love making cinematics and I love this emote... According to GameReactor, developers are figuring out how to better combine PvP and PvE modes together and classes can make a huge difference.

Other games have also been experimenting with the different battle royale setups instead of the staple 100-player formula. From powerful explosions to big squads, he said that the modes allow Epic Games to try things that wouldn't always work in the base game.

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If player count does happen to increase in the future, we could be looking at some more hilarious gameplay [VIDEO] in "Fortnite".

So, they will be releasing a Black Bling gift this weekend that Battle Royale players can get from the store for free and for Save the World players, they're offering a Troll Stash Llama in the loot tab for free.

This clip courtesy of Reddit user Splaticuss shows the great detail which the replay mode goes into, even showing a close up shot of the bullet shell falling in slow motion from the hunting rifle.

Each class has different collision "volumes" on the different characters. Everyone is used to the vast majority of players in a game, which is why the battle royale genre is so fun and exciting. Turn things around and try different stuff. Let us know in the comments.