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Georgia woman won't face death penalty for attack on family

Georgia woman won't face death penalty for attack on family

The incident in that video occurred on Saturday, inside a Cheddar's restaurant in Georgia, after Judy Tucker and her son followed two service women inside from the parking lot, where an issue over a parking space originated.

Prosecutors said Ledesma then pointed a loaded pistol at her and fired one round at her feet.

It is also important to mention the handicap placard reportedly belonged to Tucker's husband, who can not be seen anywhere in the video.

She said "it all started because she was white and it was a race issue" - despite the fact it all started because Tucker couldn't tolerate someone not waiting for her to slowly park her vehicle and instead driving around to park in another parking spot.

According to The Times of India, he told police: 'All was fine for the first few years and then I got her a smartphone.

"Oh really? By her?"

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The court ruled last week that Hosne Ara Lazu did convert to Islam after marrying Humayun Farid Lazu in 2013, despite her family's insistence that she returned to Hinduism before her death.

Additional footage captured outside the restaurant shows Tucker crying while being arrested as Robbie and her daughter, Angie, stood by her side. No word on when she'll next appear in court.

Tucker was arrested on simple battery charges and booked in Bibb County Jail.

A judge set his bond at $150,000.

Tucker's Facebook business page is filled with comments from people who have watched the video and disapprove of her behavior.

"Shameful behavior of you and your son". I'm sure you will lose customers for this and your business will soon close...