God's plan for gay people is "hell", Folau says

God's plan for gay people is

Australian Rugby superstar Israel Folau is spending an injury-enforced stint on the sidelines enlightening the world with his prejudicial views on gay people, commenting on social media that God's plan was that they would go to "hell" unless they repented their sins and turned to Christianity.

Folau initially posted a graphic of "God's plan", which one user replied to by asking what God's plan was for gay people?

Folau is a devout Christian, having been raised Mormon, and followed the Assemblies of God fellowship since his family converted in 2011.

"Rugby supports all forms of inclusion, whether it's sexuality, race, or gender, which is set out in our inclusion policy".

Australia's highest-profile player sparked social media outrage on Wednesday when he said gay people were headed to "HELL".

"Israel Folau's personal beliefs do not reflect the views of Rugby Australia", a spokesman told AFP. "We've made it clear to Rugby Australia that we find the comments very disappointing".

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Gay rugby club, the Sydney Convicts, tweeted their disagreement with Folau's comment, but emphasised that rugby was not a homophobic sport on the whole.

In the comments section of the post, Folau, who plays for New South Wales Waratahs, replied, "HELL".

Twitter users rounded on Folau, slamming him for "promoting hatred".

It is not the first time Folau's stance on gay people has made the headlines.

The deeply religious Folau stirred controversy previous year when he publicly came out against the campaign for marriage equality in Australia.

One of the key proponents of same-sex marriage was Qantas Airways chief Alan Joyce.