Google puts gun emoji back in holster with switch to water pistol

Google puts gun emoji back in holster with switch to water pistol

WhatsApp, Samsung, and Twitter have all recently switched as well, and so Android should not be left behind.

With Google's switch from a handgun emoji to a toy water gun and Facebook's impending plans to do the same, only one major company will use a traditional pistol emoji the way things now stand. The change wasn't echoed across other tech companies at the time - with Microsoft actually changing its toy-gun emoji for a cartoon revolver.

Until yesterday, if an Apple or Samsung customer texted a water gun emoji to a Google phone user, the image would've shown up as a real gun because updated emoji keyboards don't translate to phones from different carriers. Facebook says they're replacing theirs as well.

Now, Microsoft is the lone holdout that still features the realistic handgun emoji. Microsoft, which had used a toy ray gun before switching to a realistic-looking weapon in 2016, declined to comment.

So what happened to the gun emoji?

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The firm told Emoji Wrap in 2016 that it was cautious about swapping out the gun emoji for the bright green water gun, as it wanted to be compatible with other systems.

Just a few days ago, Twitter followed suit. Apple wasn't going to reverse course on this one - and now that others have made the change, Google would've been the odd one out.

At this point, Google making this change seemed inevitable.

While Apple and many other companies designed their cheeseburger emoji with the cheese on top of the patty, Google faced scrutiny for placing the cheese beneath the burger patty.

Emojis are approved by the Unicode Consortium, the industry body which oversees software standards and developments, but tech platforms are at liberty to introduce their own designs of approved glyphs.