Is the Law Finally Catching Up to Mark Zuckerberg?

Is the Law Finally Catching Up to Mark Zuckerberg?

Beginning in 2011, according to the suit, Facebook launched a feature called "Tag Suggestions", that was powered by facial recognition software that goes through a four-step process to identify faces in pics uploaded to the platform.

A former worker on Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign (The Guardian) Kaiser wrote in evidence submitted to the committee: "I believe it is nearly certain that the number of Facebook users whose data was compromised through routes similar to that used by Kogan is much greater than 87 million".

This could end up costing the company billions.

The latest revelation made by Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was that Facebook continues to collect user data even when one is not directly using the website or app.

YouTube is facing a complaint from consumer groups, accusing the site of wrongfully collecting data on young users, though their user agreement states a user must be at least 13, and any video clicked on and viewed gives Google permission to collect any and all data tied to that device.

When you visit a site or app that uses our services, we receive information even if you're logged out or don't have a Facebook account.

The questionnaires the firm created included a "sex compass" quiz which would tell Facebook users what their "personal preferences" were. "It also gets cookies, which are identifiers that websites use to know if you've visited before".

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Facebook Audience Network enables other websites and apps to show ads from Facebook advertisers.

Facebook Product Management Director David Baser reminds readers in the lengthy blog post that Facebook is merely doing what others websites also do when it comes to tracking you. Facebook said earlier this month that data of more than 87 million users may have been affected.

Facebook claims that many websites and apps use its services to make its content and ads more "engaging".

"We believe that our board and committees have sufficient time and resources to address risk oversight matters along with their other responsibilities", Facebook had said. He didn't mention whether those other apps included Facebook's own Messenger, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp, which are also both owned by Facebook. Sites that use Facebook advertising or analytics tools also share data. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has since been summoned for congressional hearings by the USA government where he had to face a barrage of tough questions. "We were exploring multiple options for people to manage and monetise their personal data, including blockchain technology".

Sure, Facebook doesn't sell the data it collects. "It's been reported that Facebook has as many as 29,000 data points for an average Facebook user".

The written testimony Kaiser submitted is worth a read in its own right: It explains how Cambridge Analytica moved in political and data circles for so long with nobody noticing, using charitable initiatives like reconstructing countries suffering from ebola as cover.