LeBron James Is Being Sued for Stealing Barbershop Show Idea

LeBron James Is Being Sued for Stealing Barbershop Show Idea

A company called Adventure Enterprises claim that they gave the idea to James and told him to call it "Shop Talk".

The company claims it had numerous talks about the idea with LeBron's company, UNINTERRUPTED, over a period of 2 years ... fleshing out the idea and figuring out a strategy for pitching it to various networks.

Adventure Enterprise has filed a lawsuit against the Cavaliers star claiming it had previously pitched a show called "Shop Talk" to UNINTERRUPTED, before being cut out of the production. Then after being approached, LeBron's people apologized and said it would not happen again.

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Apparently, the tables have turned and, according to TMZ, James is now being sued for his show "The Shop". That wasn't the case, however, and another segment later ran on ESPN.

Adventure Enterprises is gunning for an injunction prohibiting LeBron and his company from producing any more episodes. They're also looking for "some serious cash", the gossip site reports. It was later renamed as "Bama Cuts".

TMZ noted Comey specifically pointed to James' push to improve himself during the offseason and used to tell his staff at the Federal Bureau of Investigation that "we have to find parts of our game to make better" just like the four-time MVP does. The lawsuit is a publicity stunt that has no merit, according to the source who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the lawsuit.