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Pak Supreme Court imposes life ban on Nawaz Sharif from elections,…

Pak Supreme Court imposes life ban on Nawaz Sharif from elections,…

A five-member bench of the country's apex court unanimously ruled on Friday that anyone disqualified under a constitutional clause requiring legislators to be "honest and trustworthy" would be considered banned for life.

Sharif, 67, was ousted from power in July 2017 by the country's Supreme Court after months of hearings on the corruption charges.

This year the Supreme Court also ordered Sharif's removal as president of the ruling PML-N.

"If it is found by a court of law that any person wanting to be a member of parliament has furnished particulars which are found false or omitted to furnish particulars which are necessary, then he will come under that category of persons disqualified for life".

Following the verdict, both Sharif and Tareen have become ineligible to ever hold public office. Such a person can not contest elections or become a member of parliament. She further said that the verdict is the "same joke" that has been done with all the 17 prime ministers in the history of Pakistan.

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Sharif, who has been elected and removed as prime minister three times since the 1990s, has faced a relentless anti-graft campaign - led by former cricket star and opposition leader Imran Khan.

"Today's decision is the same as Nawaz's trial court case", she added maintaining that a decision has been made on a trial which is still under way.

The Sharifs and their supporters have repeatedly denied allegations of corruption, suggesting the former prime minister is the victim of a conspiracy driven by Pakistan's military establishment. Sharif has already nominated his brother and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif as the new party chief.

Both of Sharif's first two stints had ended in the third year of his tenure.

Sharif for the longest of time had held party's central command not just within PML-N but also in governments' run by the party and now he has been sidelined forever.