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Trump warns Russian Federation over Syrian crisis

Trump warns Russian Federation over Syrian crisis

The Trump administration has also asked the United Nations Security Council to authorize an independent inquiry into the reported chemical weapons attacks.

Trump's U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, told the session that the president has made it clear that if Assad uses poison gas again, "the United States is locked and loaded". He said Syria's air defenses were ineffective and that numerous more than 40 surface-to-air missiles fired by the Syrians were launched after the allied attack was over. U.S., British and French attack aircraft, including two U.S. Air Force B-1B strategic bombers, launched stealthy, long-range missiles from outside Syrian airspace, officials said.

The officials declined to comment further and it was not clear whether the Syrian actions would affect United States military planning for potential action against Syria over a suspected poison gas attack.

"The evil and the despicable attack left mothers and fathers, infants and children, thrashing in pain and gasping for air. There is the crime fraud exception - the only time you get to pierce that attorney-client privilege is if there is a crime committed", said David Urban, a CNN political commentator who ran Trump's 2016 campaign in Pennsylvania.

Mattis said he personally believes Syria is guilty of an "inexcusable" use of chemical weapons, while noting that the global fact-finding team would likely fall short of determining who was responsible.

Trump has been weighing USA military options in Syria in the wake of Saturday's chemical attack that killed at least 40 people.

Mr. Trump's early morning comments were remarkable in that he is, in some way, telegraphing the United States' response to a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, which is something he had previously criticized other leaders for doing.

The U.S., France and Britain have been in extensive consultations about launching a military strike as early as the end of this week, U.S. officials have said.

"This is hard to do in a situation like this", he said, in light of the volatility of chemical agents.

Trump's national security team huddled at the White House on Wednesday to discuss the response to Syria. The second target was a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs.

"Our strategy remains the same as a year ago", he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron said a decision would be made "in the coming days", and that any airstrikes would target the Syrian government's chemical facilities.

"The intelligence provided certainly paints a different picture", she said of the Kremlin's theory.

While it has not been proven that Syria's government was involved in the attack, Trump sounded convinced.

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In that strike, 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from the USS Ross and USS Porter in the Mediterranean.

The US goal was to minimise risk to Russian or Syrian personnel.

The Syrian government's use of chemical weapons in suburban Douma couldn't immediately be corroborated because the area is cut off, but these attacks using outlawed weapons of war are one of Assad's signatures. Not only has it failed abysmally, but in the course of failing it has effectively provided diplomatic cover for Syria's Assad regime and its backers in Moscow and Tehran.

Russian Federation also said it would deploy military police to Douma on Thursday and that the situation there had stabilised. He declared that USA relations with Russian Federation have plunged to a historic low. USA action that could bring Americans into conflict with Russian and Iranian forces could have disastrous consequences.

In a USA military action a year ago in response to a sarin gas attack, missiles took out almost 20 percent of the Syrian air force, the Pentagon said.

"No other group" could have carried out that attack, Ms May said, adding the allies' use of force was "right and legal".

However, warning of an imminent strike could force us military officials to modify their list of potential targets - which could range from airfields or chemical storage sites to locations in Assad's backyard of Damascus depending on the intended message. The participation of British and French forces enables Trump to assert a wider global commitment against the use of chemical weapons, but the multi-pronged attack carries the risk of Russian retaliation.

Senior Russian figures, including the head of the military, warned that U.S. missiles will be shot down and their launch sites targeted if Russian personnel come under threat, the report said. But the description from an ally described things differently.

As of Saturday, neither Syria nor its Russian or Iranian allies retaliated, Pentagon officials said.

In his nationwide address, Trump stressed that he has no interest in a longtime fight with Syria. He said the USA knew of no civilians killed by allied missiles. "And great warriors they are". They are in eastern Syria, far from Damascus.

Syria's seven-year civil war has killed more than half a million people and displaced many millions more.

However, there is some evidence it was sprayed from helicopters, they said.

Associated Press writer Ken Thomas contributed from Lima, Peru.