Ubisoft just keeps adding content to The Division

Ubisoft just keeps adding content to The Division

The Division is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The latest update to the game brings with it good news for those on the Xbox One X, and players just looking to continue shooting and looting through the streets of Manhattan.

For Xbox One X owners, the patch finally introduces support for The Division, which can now be enjoyed in a 4K resolution.

So how does it different to the PS4 Pro equivalent? However, two new Global Events are implemented now, Blackout and Onslaught.

Along with the aforementioned updates, the 1.8.1 patch also tweaks things like drop rates and new commendations. Reloading changes the effect.

In Blackout players will be armed with Shock Ammo that will stun enemies.

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Always active; Deal Burn, Bleed, and Gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage. According to the patch notes, enemies will be resistant to certain elements and vulnerable to another.

There are also various game changes, vendor changes, and bug fixes which can be seen by expanding the bar below.

Daily Combat, Crafting, Survival and Dark Zone Quests now reward the player with 25 Div Tech each. Weekly Open World, Underground Assignments and Season Pass Supply Drops will grant them 100 Division Tech.

This month, players can earn new commendations and experience the Blackout Global Event.

Bosses in the Resistance game mode now award 100 Global Event tokens.

Each Global Event will now have individual caches per Classified Gear set for that Global Event. Classified item drop rates are increased in general. They removed the Premium Vendor Exotics from the Open World loot pool, as well as the Exotic Caches. With the Special Vendor, you will also find some Classified Gear cache, which comes guaranteed with one piece. All world bosses can now drop any of the exotic items in The Division. For instance, the Banshee cache will reward a piece of Banshee Classified Gear.