Alleged Render Of Xbox Controller Designed For Accessibility Revealed

Alleged Render Of Xbox Controller Designed For Accessibility Revealed

No mention of when the controller would be launched, but E3 2018 does seem like a likely venue and time, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled all the same.

The prototype above doesn't resemble a normal gamepad at all. The controller has two circular buttons that are similar to the touchpad found on the current generation of touchpad controllers. It appears to be aimed at those relying more on touch than on sight.

For Xbox owners, they'll receive a system notification with a message that has a clickable redemption button.

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The controller has giant A and B buttons, a large directional pad, and oversized Guide, Back, and Start buttons.

Other would be features include what could be an input (for a microphone?), a series of LED lights above the D-pad, and a USB port and headphone jack along the side of the controller. More details about this new Xbox One controller should be announced by Microsoft very soon. The only real question seems to be a matter of when Microsoft will unveil it although with E3 just around the corner, that seems the most likely venue. The design does look a bit unusual, but that's because the controller is said to have been designed with accessibility in mind. Please continue to give us feedback on features you would like to see, either using the Windows Feedback Hub app in Windows 10 or using our User Voice page.

Along with the games listed above, you'll also receive a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass (effectively giving you access to over 100 downloadable games), and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold.