Amazon launches 8 new voices for Alexa Skills

Amazon launches 8 new voices for Alexa Skills

But their addition could make some of Alexa's skills more engaging - especially those involving different characters, like an adventure story or game, for example. This allows developers to create speech-enabled products, and apps that talk to users.

Amazon announced Wednesday it will give a select group of developers the opportunity to add different US English voices to their Alexa skills for free.

The move comes thanks to Amazon Polly text-to-search service, which the company is opening to developers as a part of the preview program.

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Now developers can already choose to use different voices by uploading their own audio files, but according to Amazon, the use of their Polly voice is better due to its being more natural-sounding. Polly uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesise speech that sounds like a human voice. The accessibility of Amazon Polly will help them avoid this trouble. Amazon Polly can generate speech in dozens of languages, making it easy to add speech to applications with a global audience, such as RSS feeds, websites, or videos.

Some of the voices include: Ivy, a female voice that speaks in mannerisms akin to U.S. English speakers; Hans, a male voice that speaks in German; and Naja, a female voice that speaks Danish. They can pick from a handful of available voices (made possible by Polly, Amazon's text-to-speech service). Amazon will provide more information to those who are selected.