Apple sued for selling Macbooks with defective keyboards

Apple sued for selling Macbooks with defective keyboards

This was first spotted by AppleInsider, which also has access to the lawsuit statement.

Frustration with Apple's MacBook keyboard has prompted a class-action lawsuit, after the Cupertino firm refused to acknowledge persistent problems with the "butterfly" keys.

(G.N.S) DT.14 US-based MacBook users Kyle Barbaro and Zixua Rao have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in the Northern District Court of California. The report claims that the design of the keyboard makes the keystrokes to go unregistered even with small amounts of dust or debris obstruct normal switch behaviour. According to the filing, "thousands" of MacBook and MacBook Pro owners have experienced some type of failure with Apple's butterfly keyboard, thus rendering the machine useless. The suit seek damages, legal fees and demands Apple not only publicly disclose the keyboard design flaw, but pay to remedy or replace defective units.

Apple introduced the butterfly mechanism with its 12-inch MacBook in 2015 with Phil Schiller advertising the new low-profile switches as both more responsive (four times more) and robust than traditional scissor-type components. At that time, the company claimed that this was more accurate and precise than other keyboards.

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The "butterfly" mechanism replaced the older "scissor" mechanism, which is still used by the majority of laptop keyboards, and was meant to make the keys more stable and responsive when pressed. This mechanism was meant to be more stable, comfortable as well as more responsive than the older scissor mechanism. "Complaints of keyboard failures began to come in shortly after the 2015 MacBook was launched". Unlike other laptops for professionals, such as the ThinkPad (which had a butterfly keyboard of a different sort), the entire keyboard is bonded with the top case, requiring full replacement. Since the keys in the Macbooks can not be repaired by just anyone, Apple MacBook users are more bothered by the price to get their MacBooks fixed, especially if the users are out of warranties. Their 37-page MacBook lawsuit claims Apple knew that this design was flawed in 2015 used it anyway, concealing the problems from the public.

To further add to the problems of unlucky owners of MacBooks with faulty keyboards, Apple's solution to the problem is two-fold. For customers outside of the warranty period, Apple denies warranty service, and directs consumers to engage in paid repairs, which costs between $400 and $700.

Apple's fabled butterfly keyboard has caused issues that's been bugging customers since its inception.