Assistant support coming to Xiaomi's smart home products, U.S. launch soon

Assistant support coming to Xiaomi's smart home products, U.S. launch soon

Over in China, Xiaomi has a whole line of smart home products. Now it's looking to partnerships to take it internationally.

He also followed up the announcement with a tweet, "Xiaomi just announced during #io8 that our smart home products will work with the Google Assistant". These Internet of Things (IoT) products make things possible but with the integration of Google Assistant, you can do more on these Xiaomi smart devices.

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has yet to establish a foothold in the United States, though rumors have long swirled around the company's plans to bring its popular smartphones to American customers.

If you like to check out the smart home devices, Xiaomi sells their merchandise in the US via Amazon and also its local store. Now the two teams are turning their attention to your living room rather than your handset, and will be bringing to the USA the Mi Bedside Lamp, the Mi LED Smart Bulb, and the Mi Smart Plug.

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Mi Bedside Lamp has 16 million color customizations and can be configured to fit any environment or mood. The Smart plug, on the other hand, can control the power of devices you'd plug into the wall.

That's what the third Xiaomi smart home product, the Mi Smart Plug, is for - a Wi-Fi plug that'll let you turn your appliances on or off. With support for the Google Assistant, users no longer have to get out of bed to turn off the lights and can also control brightness and color temperature verbally.

It does however mention time frames for a release, at least for the Bedside Lamp which will be available sometime in May. There's now no pricing, but seeing as Xiaomi typically prices its products in the affordable range, we'd bet it'l do the same here.