Bill Bradley says gambling on high school sports is upon us

Bill Bradley says gambling on high school sports is upon us

Instead, however, it gave New Jersey, alone among the 46 states that did not already have such betting, one year to adopt it, after which New Jersey would be forbidden to do so.

Just after PASPA was enacted, 56 percent of Americans opposed legalized betting on professional sports events.

Hatch definitely sounds like an old man scared of the internet and the untold horrors of gambling (he represents Utah, after all, a state which has no legalized gambling of any kind), but trying to regulate sports betting on the federal level - as long as it isn't banned - is not unreasonable.

The bigger problem of legalizing sports gambling is that it will open the industry to a bigger, more mainstream audience that will be bombarded by sophisticated marketing schemes created to attract and keep individuals gambling.

Tribes in Oklahoma have been trying to get sports betting approved through the state legislature in the last two sessions but have been unsuccessful, Morago said. New Jersey, which led the efforts to repeal PASPA, expects to have legal sports bets in just a matter of weeks. The Third Circuit affirmed that ruling on appeal. "But sports betting, for the operators, is not a big money maker at all".

That, James Madison athletic director Jeff Bourne said, will be another part of the equation as colleges address whether to ease restrictions on sports gambling. Importantly, the law didn't make sports gambling a federal crime.

Within hours of the Supreme Court ruling, two leading fantasy sports companies - FanDuel and DraftKings - announced plans to branch out into sports wagering. Scandals involving betting and sports go back generations, all the way to baseball's Black Sox scandal of 1919 in which Chicago White Sox players took money from gambling interests and lost the World Series. But because the decision went in the appropriate direction, the marijuana issue is now less susceptible to challenges by the federal government. "It is destructive. But again, it's the Supreme Court making a decision on very narrow grounds". Some experts predicted how individual states may react across the country if PAPSA was overturned.

In fact, some fear that people who bet on horse racing because it was the only sport on which to make a legal wager will now abandon it entirely.

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In a little more than a decade, for example, Pennsylvania's addiction to gambling has made it second only to Nevada in gaming. Alito reasoned that if the states are free to legalize casino gambling, they must also be free to establish their own sports lotteries. Now it can be legally regulated by the Mississippi Gaming Commission. Julian Carroll, D-Frankfort, when reached Monday about his bill to provide a framework for sports betting in Kentucky if the high court allowed it.

Duru and others played down fears that expanding sports betting could impact the integrity of professional sports, as argued by the leagues.

On Monday the court ruled, 6-3, in favor of New Jersey and three principles of good government that are threatened by federal commandeering.

Since November 2014, the National Basketball Association has publicly supported federal legalization of sports betting.

Not all of the affected parties seem eager to participate in this fearless new world. For all the worries about the state of the sport, Keeneland continues to attract strong crowds and 157,813 showed up for this year's Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on a day of record rainfall in Louisville.

Some tribes believe agreements with states already give them the right to control sports betting, while others will work out the details through negotiations in compacts that vary in wording state by state.

It's amusing how this case, which was filed by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, ended with some wise words from the one of the most ardent opponents of marijuana legalization in the country. Christie posted to Twitter on Monday: This is "a great day for the rights of states and their people to make their own decisions".