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Bounce house with 9-year-old inside rolls onto California highway

Bounce house with 9-year-old inside rolls onto California highway

Authorities in California said a 9-year-old boy evaded serious injury when a strong gust of wind carried him away inside a bounce house and onto a highway. The child suffered only minor injuries, police said.

As the bounce house rolled onto the highway, it struck a vehicle and the boy was tossed from the inflatable house.

Happily, the kid survived with minor accidents.

While the driver was not hurt, they were "shook up from the ordeal", the sheriff's department said.

The bounce house had been inflated at a nearby home where the child was playing when it started rolling towards the highway.

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There was a quick response to the runaway bounce house, with the fire department and even a helicopter arriving on the scene after the boy was thrown from the bounce house.

A children's party was being held at the home where the bounce house was located, witnesses told KCBS-TV.

The child was seen talking to first responders and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

In 2014, two upstate NY boys were thrown from a bounce house from 20 feet in the air.