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Death Of Keeven Robinson, Black Louisiana Man In Police Custody, Ruled Homicide

Death Of Keeven Robinson, Black Louisiana Man In Police Custody, Ruled Homicide

Four agents have been placed on desk duty as the investigation continues, reports CBS affiliate WWL-TV of New Orleans, Louisiana.

A Louisiana coroner has ruled the death of an unarmed black man during his arrest was likely a "homicide" and he had suffered "compressional asphyxia".

"I understand this incident will be under a microscope", Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said at a Monday news conference where the preliminary results of this weekend's autopsy were announced.

"I'm very happy to find out that it wasn't a cover-up", said Gaylor Spiller, director of the West Jefferson branch of the NAACP. Lopinto's predecessor Newell Normand said the cameras encourage "Monday-morning quarterbacking" of law enforcement decisions, in a 2015 interview explaining why he had not and would not support adding the equipment.

With the investigation ongoing, Lopinto declined to conclude that the detectives used a chokehold during their arrest. He confirmed they're white. He said that police used excessive force, causing him to spend a week in a coma and more than a month in the hospital after a deputy shot him with an AR-15 rifle from behind.

There have been marches in New Orleans for Keeven Robinson.

Supporters carried signs saying "enough is enough" and "justice for Keeven".

Some marchers were heard singing "Amazing Grace".

"This is just too much", one woman said.

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The deputies, who were all white, have been read their rights and are co-operating with local, state and FBI investigators.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office does not use bodycams or dashcams.

Police were pursuing 22-year-old Robinson, who was believed to be part of a drug investigation.

Robinson scrambled out of the vehicle and over backyard fences until detectives caught up with him behind a home on Labarre Place. We have to have that ability to get to that conclusion and put that to a district attorney. "They're not forbidden from doing that, but they're not trained ... to do that on a normal basis".

"We don't train somebody to hit someone with a brick - but if you're fighting for your life and the brick's there, you hit somebody with the brick". Once Robinson was in handcuffs, detectives noticed Robinson was not breathing, he said.

Video footage has yet to surface.

The sheriff's office does not use body cameras or dashboard cameras. He did not release the names of the four detectives but said all four are white. "You do the crime, you do the time", she added.

Robinson's grandmother, Sheryl Robinson, said she wants "the young black men to be able to walk the streets". Now, a corner has said Robinson died of asphyxiation. "It's time to stop, enough is enough". Police originally tried to blame his death on asthma, but now the Jefferson Parish coroner is telling a very different tale.

He advised reporters at a information convention Monday that 22-year-old Keeven Robinson's demise is assessed as a murder. But I knew out on the scene that the gentleman had asthma, I also knew it was a bad air day.