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European Union calls Iranian strikes against Israel 'extremely worrying'

European Union calls Iranian strikes against Israel 'extremely worrying'

Within hours of Trump's announcement tensions had ratcheted between Iran and Israel, with Israel putting its forces on high alert.

Thus steps in Trump' America encouraging the U.S. to engage in a military conflict in Syria and against Iran, acting as a deterrence against Russian interference in Israel's grand plan for the region.

Most disturbingly, the Quds Force had begun initiating the next stage of Iran's takeover of Syria.

But if they do escalate, the region could face one of its worst cross-border conflicts in decades, one that could potentially drag in the United States, a major ally of Israel, and Russian Federation, which is Syria's mightiest ally. Ryabkov gave his Iranian counterpart, Abbas Araghchi, information that reached Syria during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Moscow on Wednesday.

Iran also holds enormous political sway in neighbouring Iraq and in Lebanon, where its main Shia ally, the Hizbollah group, scored significant gains in elections last weekend. These imperial ambitions threaten not only Israel, but the region's Sunni powers, which is why these states are in full support of Israel's self-defense measures.

When rockets rain down on Israeli civilians, Israel may retaliate against targets in Iran.

Israel will no doubt strike back following any attack on its territory, a scenario that could spiral into a wider conflict that experts say no side is now interested in.

Israel has said it will do what it takes to fend off Iran's military entrenchment.

But the Iranians did not take the hint.

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Israeli soldiers are seen next to Merkava tanks deployed near the Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights.

Iran's operation failed, with four rockets penetrating Israeli airspace and being intercepted by Israeli defenses, while the rest landed in Syrian territory. This intelligence was then converted into the capability to fire guided munitions at the targets in large quantities in little time. Syrian air defenses fired at two Israeli missiles, destroying both, SANA said. Whilst of course the Islamic fundamentalists also await their own version of the End Times prophecies to be fulfilled which was the primary reason why Islamic State came into existence in Syria as a means of making prophecy become manifest. Israel punished Iran's assault with a wave of retaliatory warplane and missile strikes meant to destroy much of the military infrastructure Iran had built up in Syria.

It's too soon to know if this round of fighting has ended.

The Iranians brazenly used Syria as the forward base for their aggression.

The ministry said in a statement that 28 Israeli F-15 and F-16 aircrafts participated in the attack.

The foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany are due to meet with Iranian officials early next week to determine what can be salvaged without Washington's co-operation. In February, Tehran hinted at its readiness to attack Israel when it launched an armed drone into Israeli air space from the T-4 base in Syria.

So far, Hezbollah has kept out of this conflict, and this is welcome news.

Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah have been helping Assad beat back a seven-year-old rebellion.