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High School Prank Applauded By Police

High School Prank Applauded By Police

The Cumberland High School class of 2018 in Wisconsin received props from the local police on Facebook on Monday after successfully pulling off an original and labor-intensive senior prank. Congratulation (sic) Class of 2018 on one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen.

The students cut a white sedan in half and placed it up against the building.

The students wrote "CHS class of 2018" and "We're bustin' out!" on the back window of the vehicle. So the school was not damaged at all and police were quite impressed.

The school district says no property was damaged. the police department congratulated their effort and wished the seniors well.

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They affixed black plastic to the wall around the vehicle so it seemed as if it had crashed through the brick structure. Photos that the school and police department shared are jarring at first - but the accident is completely fake.

"Hats off to Cumberland PD for having a sense of humor!" "We had people driving up here all day taking pictures". Great prank! Sometimes things are just amusing!

"This is one of the more creative ones we've had, that's for sure", Narges said. "Way to go Cumberland P.D. for being supportive!" another commenter echoed.

"This is will be hard to beat [sic]", authorities replied.