Is it Yanny or Laurel?

Is it Yanny or Laurel?

So if a person hears lower frequencies better, "You would hear Laurel, because that has lower frequency sounds in it".

That was the question Wednesday as a short audio clip sparked a social media debate about whether the word being heard is "yanny" or "laurel".

Whichever word you hear in the recording, the speech scientists both say you shouldn't worry: "It's totally OK to hear what you are hearing", Kothare said.

"It's all in how our brain processes sound, so each word laurel and yanny have a different frequency level".

Some people who listen to this audio file hear one thing; others hear something completely different.

Input from celebrities has inflamed the frenzy: "It's Yanny", horror writer Stephen King said in a deadpan tweet.

Some speculated online that the age of the listener might determine what was heard, while others changed the pitch to alter results.

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Ben Tucker said the Reddit post is set up so people are forced to pick one of the two options. What about laurel and yanny? It's like it was put on the internet just to sow discord.

"It is possible that that recording is altered to make some of those sounds ambiguous and our brain is left to fill in the blank", Geddes said.

Szabo then sent the clip to a friend who created the Instagram poll asking if people heard "Laurel" or "Yanny".

Dr. David Geddes, HealthPartners audiologist, says the answer is likely linked to auditory perception.

Azaar Hemingway was out on the basketball court with his headphones so we saw if putting them on made any difference.

Quite honestly, it's strangely similar to the black and blue or gold and white dress debate that took over our news feeds a few years back.