Kia Sportage Ecodynamics+ mild hybrid diesel confirmed for 2018

Kia Sportage Ecodynamics+ mild hybrid diesel confirmed for 2018

South Korean automaker Kia Motors will introduce its first 48V diesel hybrid powertrain later this year.

The Korean brand's new drivetrain adds a starter motor which doubles as a generator and power supply to deliver 10kW of assistance to the diesel engine in a move which it claims will reduce Carbon dioxide emissions by up to 4% on the new Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), and 7% on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).

Kia already has hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid models on sale in the UK. The all-new third-generation Kia Ceed will be the second among a range of Kia models to offer the new powertrain from 2019.

Kia has announced that it'll launch an all-new mild hybrid powertrain.

Expect to hear more details soon on the Sportage's use of the EcoDynamics+ powertrain, as well as United Kingdom pricing and specifications.

Combining a turbo-diesel engine with a 48V electric motor, Kia says the mild-hybrid setup "provides electric power and reduces engine load under acceleration", while also recuperating energy during in-gear deceleration and braking.

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When decelerating, an inverter switches the current of the motor, effectively turning it into a generator to top up the 0.46kWh battery. The system will be available on the new Kia Sportage SUV. The company claims thats integrating the EcoDynamics+ mild-hybrid system into the existing architecture "is relatively straightforward".

That all translates to greater efficiency, additional torque for hard acceleration and reduced engine load during light acceleration.

Full prices and specs for vehicles fitted with the new powertrain are yet to be confirmed.

The battery recovers energy from the diesel engine's crankshaft when the vehicle is decelerating or driving downhill. During in-gear deceleration and braking, the engine will shut down and the hybrid system will kick things back into life if the throttle pedal is pressed.

The manufacturer also says that the system will have minimal impact on practicality, with the required 48V battery located beneath the boot floor. The adoption of the MHSG also means the conventional starter motor can be made smaller and lighter, reserved primarily for cold starts at extremely low temperatures.

The system is compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions vehicles, and could be adapted for front or rear wheel drive, or all-wheel drivetrain configurations.