Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet insane

Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet insane

Reddit user RolandCamry started the meltdown when they shared the clip to social media, causing the audio file to go viral and engage major controversy on Twitter. Laurel or Yanny or both?

I asked, but no word on what he actually hears. Yanny or laurel? We first heard yanny, and then suddenly we heard laurel.

Meanwhile, the FOX 26 newsroom is completely split on the issue.

But, I only hear Yanny.

"It's disgusting than anyone hears yanny", one Twitter user wrote. Instead what we should be doing is dividing ourselves into a society defined by which word we can hear, an endless and pointless feud between the bloodthirsty Yannys and merciless Laurels, that will tear our world apart.

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The debate rages on - what do you hear?

"My wife heard yanny".

"The sound isn't even close to "Laurel"..." Historians of the future will probably discuss the infamous optical illusion dress as an example of how the internet rots peoples brains, and now they've got another example to back up the thesis. "This is a case for the Federal Bureau of Investigation", one Twitter user wrote.

On an internet where a dress can be four colors and every meme has infinite lives, it's no surprise that a debate over nonsense words "Yanny" and "Laurel" is the latest threat to divide us. By the end of 24 hours, tweets containing #TheDress had jumped to over 1.2 million.

Feldman also recently posted a series of comedy sketches named "iDateCloeCouture" which became very popular with her fans.